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Are you looking for an online scratch cards casino? Look no further! Just like genuine scratch cards, this casino fits in your pocket! We aren’t called for nothing! Play over 30 different scratch cards games with as a welcome bonus. And we have some nice surprises waiting for you the second and third deposit as… Continue reading Games | Scratch Cards & Scratching Games

Are you looking for an online scratch cards casino? Look no further! Just like genuine scratch cards, this casino fits in your pocket! We aren’t called Pocket Casino for nothing!

Play over 30 different scratch cards games with 50 Free Spins on Book of Dead on your first deposit as a welcome bonus. And we have some nice surprises waiting for you the second and third deposit as well. Want to know more about online mobile scratch cards casino? Then read on!

Play Mobile Scratch Cards with bonus!

Scratch Cards are so popular that you can find them in almost any supermarket, drug store and liquor store. Everytime you buy your groceries you just pick one up and see if you can get the money for your groceries back instantly, and maybe even a bit more!

Great fun right?! The problem is that when you buy the scratch cards in the store, you are paying full price and you are never getting any bonus. Wouldn’t it be nice if you still have the same experience, but this time with a 50 Free Spins on Book of Dead? So next time you are gonna get some groceries, try the following: register at Pocket Casino and deposit a minimum of €10 with any of our over twenty (mobile) payment methods. Then when you paid your groceries, instead of asking the lady behind the counter ‘can i get some scratch cards?’, you get your phone. You open Pocket Casino, choose one of our fifteen scratch card games and play with your bonus! Same feeling, same chances of winning, much lower costs!

Great titles, great fun!

Our scratch cards are mainly developed by the world’s leading casino game publishers NetEnt and MicroGaming. Just look at the list of great titles we have in store for you! Once you sign up, these are all ready to play for you!

  • Sunset Delight: Scratch Cards with a summer twist!
  • Boss the Lotto: The executive version of the popular game!
  • Turning Totems: Did you know Totems bring luck?
  • Jackpot 3X3: Become Rich playing this jackpot game!
  • Red Card: Sportsfan? Then this is the scratch card game for you!
  • Epic Gems: gems always had an attraction to a lot of people
  • Diamond Deal: Dreaming of diamonds? What if you could win them!
  • Beehive Bedlam Reactors: This game is as crazy as it’s name
  • Fruit Blast: Get your daily vitamins with this cool game
  • 7 Up: just like the drink, refreshing when you need it the most!
  • Monster Wins: Wins that are so big they can be called a monster? That is one to keep under your bed!
  • Emperor’s Garden: the wonderous world of the eastern empires come to live!
  • Doctor Love: This is the medicine when you need some fun and profit
  • Foxin Wins: what did the fox say?!
  • James Dean: A legend deserves his own game, and so James Dean Scratch Cards is a must play!

Why play Scratch Cards on Pocket Casino?

There are over 2000 online casinos on the internet, so why choose this one? We have so many reasons; where to start?! Most important things first: is this casino safe to deposit and play? Short answer is yes! But naturally you want some proof of that. So why is this casino safe (and one of the safest of that 2000)?

First of all is our technology secured with SSL-Encryption. This means that hackers can’t steal your data or funds. Not unimportant right? Make sure that you don’t help hackers by using open Wifi networks though! Secondly, we have the highest standard licenses in the business.

Our Malta license and UK Gambling Commission licence guarantees that we follow strict guidelines. We also offer a wide variety of (mobile) payment methods. Regardless of where you live, there is always a free and instant(!) payment service available that you can use to play and claim your bonus! Last and not least, our support service is standing by for you 24/7 through live chat. You will never encounter an issue that we can’t solve!

How do online scratch cards work?

For those who never played scratch cards on an online casino or real life, we like to give you a short introduction. Scratch cards are among the easiest casino games out there, but that doesn’t make them any less fun than for instance slots or table games!

With scratch cards, you have to ‘scratch’ the surface of the card that is divided into different blocks. Beneath the surface there are symbols that represent a certain value.

For instance a pot of gold is worth €1000 and a diamond is worth €5000. The symbols differ depending on the game played. If you scratch the whole surface and you find at least three of the same symbol you win the prize money that the symbol is worth!

There is one ‘extra’ rule, since there are also bonus symbols that give you special prizes like free scratch cards or other prizes. You’ll win this when you scratch open just one of these symbols! That’s it, that is all there is to it.

Everyone can play it and it’s really addictive! Do note that there can be differences between games, since it wouldn’t make any sense offering 15 titles when they are exactly the same right;)

History of scratch cards

Contrary to what people might expect, scratch cards aren’t all that old! And we are not even talking about the online casino version, but even the ones that we are all so used to! It was not until the late 80’s (1987 to be precise) that the patent was requested for the game.

The invention of scratch cards dates from 1974, USA. It was here that lottery customers complained that they had to wait to long for the lottery, which was once a week. So clever people invented the ‘instant lottery’ with the game we all favour so much.

In Europe the game became a hit in the nineties, and while at first the chances of winning were rather small. These days there is enough competition between companies offering the cards that markt competition has done it’s magic.

In 2006 some casinos started offering the game online as well. This has taken an enormous flight ever since! The fact that you can play the game in between your daily groceries makes it so popular. It doesn’t feel like gambling, more like a fun extra. It can make you rich though! Especially when playing scratch cards comes with:

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